Roulette Wheel Construction

According to the roulette history the wheel was invented in the course of experiments done by the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal. The aim to invent the perpetual motion machine was not reached but the wheel gained extreme popularity. The famous nowadays roulette game got its name from the French language and meant "little wheel".

Roulette wheel construction

The modern roulette wheel is not the same as it was before and its construction is quite simple and straightforward.


The present roulette wheel with 36 numbered slots and single zero slot in European roulette and double zero slot in American roulette is settled at the roulette table. The slots are painted in black or red colors. There are also special pockets at the roulette wheel close to the slots for the ball to land.

Biased wheel

The modern roulette wheels are of the top quality and specially designed for each roulette table to fully satisfy the casinos as well as the players. However, there occur the so called biased wheels with some manufacturing defects or those acquired during the playing. These wheels can help players to win by showing the particular number pattern over some period of time. It means that some numbers occur more often than others due to the defects. Having noticed the regularities players can take advantage of such wheel and predict the future outcomes more easily. However, players that like to play in the online mode have no advantages over casinos as there are no biased wheels in online roulette.

European and American roulette wheel

The main difference between European roulette wheel and American roulette wheel is the numbers sequence. The numbers in European version of the wheel are placed in the random order whereas American wheel has numbers placed in pairs but opposite one another. The main idea of the wheel is to place black and red colors as well as even and odd numbers equally. The wheel is being rotated by the dealer in one direction but the ball is being thrown in other. After some time of spinning the ball slows down and lands in one of the pockets.

roulette wheel

Roulette is one of the most popular games of chance with interesting history of its development and evolution.

The game originated in France by means of experiments made by famous mathematician Blaise Pascal.The name roulette means "little wheel" in French.

online roulette

Online roulette game can be played in any kind of online casino without leaving home. It is a nice practice for beginners.

Online roulette has the same rules as the game played in land casinos. Players can choose European or American roulette wheel to play.

tips for roulette

Roulette is a pure game of chance and no mathematically calculated systems cannot predict the outcomes of the game.

Players should always remeber that every spin of roulette wheel is an independent event and they do not need to catch up after every loss.

odds of roulette

Roulette has easy rules to play but the odds of winning are low as the outcomes of the game are unpredictable.

Roulette players can increase their chances of winning by playing European roulette as it has only one zero slot that decreases the house edge.

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