Wise Roulette Betting for Beginners

Roulette is purely a game of chance. The house has an advantage of 5.26 percent on an American wheel and 2.63 percent on a European wheel. These figures mean that it makes roulette one of the least likely games to make a profit at that can be played in a casino. Many advanced roulette players will have their own system of betting which to the beginner would be impossible to understand.

When you first play roulette it is best to follow some simple guidelines.

There are 38 numbers that are available on a roulette table. These numbers are 1 to 36, 0 and 00. This gives the player a 1 in 37 chance of winning by choosing the number where the ball comes to rest. These types of bets are called “straight up”.

Wheel limit

You must familiarize yourself with the “wheel limit”. The wheel limit is the amount of money that each player may place as a single bet. Many players will place multiple bets on each spin giving them a greater chance of winning. The lower limit is normally set at 1 chip.

If you have never played roulette before it is advisable to start betting at the lowest level, usually one chip of the lowest denomination. For this purpose you should find a button on a website named bet here or something like that. This will allow you to begin to understand how the betting system works and your chances of winning.

You can bet on the ball coming to rest in either the red or black sections of the wheel. This bet will give a return of 1 – 1. This is called an “outside bet” because you are betting outside the numbered sections of the table. This gives you the chance of winning in 18 out of 38 outcomes. Should the ball come to rest in the 0 – 00 sections, then your bet will be frozen and rides to the next spin. You can of course, place other bets before the next spin.

American Wheel

An American wheel is the standard wheel in casinos and will have a lower house limit than a European wheel normally 1 chip.

European Wheel

A European wheel is normally reserved for high rollers. High rollers are those players that bet very large sums of money on each spin. The house limit will be considerably higher and so will the minimum limit. This wheel may be in a more secluded section of the casino. There are no qualifications needed to play on this wheel except a large bank balance.

roulette wheel

Roulette is one of the most popular games of chance with interesting history of its development and evolution.

The game originated in France by means of experiments made by famous mathematician Blaise Pascal.The name roulette means "little wheel" in French.

online roulette

Online roulette game can be played in any kind of online casino without leaving home. It is a nice practice for beginners.

Online roulette has the same rules as the game played in land casinos. Players can choose European or American roulette wheel to play.

tips for roulette

Roulette is a pure game of chance and no mathematically calculated systems cannot predict the outcomes of the game.

Players should always remeber that every spin of roulette wheel is an independent event and they do not need to catch up after every loss.

odds of roulette

Roulette has easy rules to play but the odds of winning are low as the outcomes of the game are unpredictable.

Roulette players can increase their chances of winning by playing European roulette as it has only one zero slot that decreases the house edge.

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