Roulette Table Layout Varieties

Roulette is a very popular and exciting game of chance. The game originated in France in 18th century. During the course of its development and roulette history the two main variations appeared: European roulette wheel and American roulette wheel.

The types of roulette games have different roulette wheel and roulette table layouts.

Table Layout

Every casino table game has its special and unique table layout. The cloth that covers the table with betting areas on it is called "layout".

Roulette game is played at special roulette tables with the roulette wheel on it. The table is usually covered with green cloth with numbered boxes for bets. Every number in roulette is either black or red apart from the zero slots which are green. There is only one zero slot in European roulette and single zero (0) and double zero (00) slots in American roulette. Let's have a look at the colors of the numbers in roulette wheel:



The rules of roulette are very simple and it is easy to know how to play roulette game. The most important thing is to learn how to place bets as there are inside and outside bets.

The European roulette table layout is different from that in American roulette that is why it would be wise to have a close look at both layouts.

European roulette Table

American table layout is very practical in use. There is a table with 36 numbers plus zero or zeros of a particular color. If a player places the bets on one number, string of numbers or group of numbers this would be inside bets. Outside the table players can bet on red or black color as well as on even or odd or group of numbers 1-18 and 19-36.

European roulette table has only one zero slot that makes roulette house edge lower (2,70%) and increase winning possibilities for players.

American Roulette Table

American roulette table is similar to European table layout. The main and the most important difference is that there is additional double zero (00) slot. This may seem to be insignificant; however, it increases the casino house edge significantly to 5,26%.

Taking this into account, it is advised to play at European roulette as this way players get more chances to win in comparison with American variant of the game.Bingo Brasil

roulette wheel

Roulette is one of the most popular games of chance with interesting history of its development and evolution.

The game originated in France by means of experiments made by famous mathematician Blaise Pascal.The name roulette means "little wheel" in French.

online roulette

Online roulette game can be played in any kind of online casino without leaving home. It is a nice practice for beginners.

Online roulette has the same rules as the game played in land casinos. Players can choose European or American roulette wheel to play.

tips for roulette

Roulette is a pure game of chance and no mathematically calculated systems cannot predict the outcomes of the game.

Players should always remeber that every spin of roulette wheel is an independent event and they do not need to catch up after every loss.

odds of roulette

Roulette has easy rules to play but the odds of winning are low as the outcomes of the game are unpredictable.

Roulette players can increase their chances of winning by playing European roulette as it has only one zero slot that decreases the house edge.

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